Day thirty.

Breakfast (5:15am): Well Fed 2’s Scheherazade Omelet. My homemade strawberry basil kombucha, which was baller - this second batch isn’t super fizzy, but tastes so so much better.

Morning (8am): Coffee, black.

Lunch (11:45am): Salad with chicken, bacon, avocado, peach, hard boiled egg, with spicy mustard vinaigrette. 2ish cups of watermelon ish.

Afternoon (1pm): Coffee, black.

Pre-workout (4pm): Epic Turkey Bar. (better than the Bison, but unsold)

Dinner (6:30pm): Crispy Chicken Livers & Sweet and Salty Broccoli Salad. Not totally sold on the livers but I figured for my last Whole30 meal I should have some offal! At least once on the program! They’re a little… smooth. That make sense? A “dessert” of unsweetened apple sauce with apple pie spice and pecans.

Wow, ok. So it’s the last day, technically. My boss mentioned something about the diet being over today, and I had to clarify that it’s still restrictive of legumes / sugar / grains / gluten / dairy until the reintroduction period ends - a coworker overheard and asked if I was going to be real grumpy in the next week. He was shocked to hear I’d already been eating like this for 30 days!

Workout rekt me, but 40lbs one-arm dumbbell snatch was a GREAT milestone to have reached!

Some pre-weigh in thoughts:

  • I’ve been amazed at how not a problem this all is, even indulgent (if I do this again strictly to lose weight I’m thinking maybe I should kick the mayo and duck and the huge amount of sweet potato I had in the first 3 weeks).
  • On days that I felt i overate grossly it didn’t even slightly compare to how I felt on days in the past - either in guilt or physically. Whether or not that is justified on the guilt front is to be determined.
  • This has gotten me excited about cooking in a way I wasn’t really (and was about baking) before starting the program. I’ve made duck and homemade mayo for the first time (even if per the first point maybe I shouldn’t have). I made pork ribs, and cooked with chinese five spice, my new favorite spice. I mixed my own spice mixes. I’ve rendered and re-used fat from my duck and bacon. And in these 30 days I haven’t even tried so many of the things I’m most excited about! The possibilities are endless.
  • Meal planning! I’m proud of my newfound ability to empty my fridge.
  • So many recipes from long forgotten cookbooks are, or can be made, paleo-friendly. Can’t wait.
  • The structure is good for me. Having a tangible reason to say “No” in that it breaks rules, works better than trying to imagine the overall concept of my health, which just one cupcake won’t truly affect. The restrictions also make decisions easier.
  • Losing that structure might prove problematic for me. Will I be able to loosen up? Should I? Will that lead to my old eating habits?
  • 3 larger meals a day with minimal snacking had worked well. Eating when I’m hungry? Still figuring that out. I know how to eat enough that I won’t be hungry before my next meal. I don’t know how to eat little enough that I will be hungry before my next meal.
  • I drink black coffee now!
  • Water water water. I need to be better at water.

Tomorrow: gluten. We’re going big! 


Breakfast (5:15am): My first whole30 day with no eggs, since I had the salad I prepared but wasn’t hungry enough for yesterday. Mixed greens / chicken / bacon / onion / avocado / tomato / Tessamae’s Southwest Ranch dressing.

Lunch (12:15pm): BBQ Beef and Sweet and Salty Broccoli Salad

Dinner (6:20pm): Kombucha Ceviche with beet chips from the farmer’s market (ingredients: beets), and I drank the rest of the kombucha. This way by far the most expensive meal of the Whole30, between the halibut ($12), kombucha ($3.5) and chips ($5)!!!

Very full all day - again, it’s too late in this to justify eating when I’m not hungry, but I was so very excited about the ceviche and let’s be real, it was a light ass dinner (especially as I got skin-on halibut from Whole Foods which was truly uncuttable and I would say I wasted a LOT of it with my hideous knife skills). I think something I’m definitely going to do from day 31 onwards is to weigh my meat so that I’m having 4-8oz, depending on how fatty it is (the lamb in tomorrow’s omelet is 290 cals per 4oz, and halibut is 94 cals per 4oz!) because honestly right now I have no idea what I’m eating! One day. One day left. One day left!


Breakfast (6am): 3 eggs, sweet potato soup (finally gone, sheesh), kale with pecans and prosciutto cause I was too lazy to open the next pack of bacon. Accidentally went immediately back to sleep.

Morning (9-12pm): Coffee, black. Citrus kombucha. Some nectarine samples at Whole Foods.

Lunch (12:30pm): beef bacon jalapeno burger with a fried egg and spicy mustard, then a lemon cucumber, a handful of cherries and watermelon. In truth lack of veg here comes from two things: none were instantly prepared and avail, and I wanted to finish the pre-cut watermelon so I could cut the other half and condense space in my fridge. Did I also have a handful of walnuts, some raisins, and the dried mango my roommate left for me two weeks ago while cooking  this afternoon? Yes, yes I did. Not being at home and in kitchens is going to help with this bad spell.

Dinner (8pm): After a softball game and a spout at a bar not drinking (not even club soda, cause I ain’t had no cash) I came home and didn’t want the salad I’d prepared. Not super hungry after all the fruit binging earlier. Had some leftover pork ribs (and glad I did cause I would have been disappointed in the amount of meat if it were a full meal) and half an orange.

Alright. I’m losing the plot a little with this fruit. 2 more days of official, then just mostly. I’m going to try - especially once the 30 days is over - to go back to the hard and fast no snacking rules. I can’t believe it’s day 28. I really think I haven’t lost much weight / changed body comp at all - maybe back to what I was pre-summer and pre-moving to hey guy’s let’s drive everwhere CA. Guess we’ll find out wednesday morning.


Man. Man oh man.

Pre-workout (6:30am): 1 hard boiled egg

Breakfast (8:30am): 3 eggs, sweet potato soup, kale / bacon / pecans.

Morning (10:30am): Coffee, black.

Lunch (1:30pm): Here’s where we start to lose it. A BUTTLOAD OF CHERRIES. Lamb rib chops with a quick cherry pan sauce, whole30-fied. Velvety Butternut Squash. This was the first meal I’ve had this month where I went back for seconds.

Afternoon into evening (2-10pm): So I wasn’t planning on staying out the WHOLE day but food wasn’t particularly a problem there - just that the activities were “blanket”, “picnic”, “movie” which were all snacky activities, and my companions were having cheese, plum buckle, ice cream, pita crackers. It really was the first moment I was truly truly tempted by so so much. This all after I managed to refuse samples at the Murray’s Cheese in Studio City. (Did buy some for next Saturday though!). Over the course of the day I ate: more cherries, pistachios, some whole frozen figs, carrots dipped in guacamole, cherry tomatoes, clementines, pineapple, pickled okra wrapped in prosciutto, Well Fed 2’s BBQ Beef and another black coffee. All compliant (the guacamole had a preservative I didn’t quite recognize, but it wasn’t sugar and not one of the 4 main restricted groups) but so much, and so much sugar.

Midnight (12am): And when I got home I had a handful of raisins.

Hey, they can’t all be winners. I bought some wonderful spices. My workout was pretty good in the morning.

(Edit: Forgot I also date 2 dates. Damnit.)


Breakfast (5:30am): garlic creamed spinach and 3 eggs. Coffee, black.

Lunch (12pm): beef bacon jalapeno burger with awesome sauce and a onion / pickle / tomato relish, big arugula / greens salad with strawberry / beet / pecans and a balsamic vinaigrette.

Afternoon (2pm): coffee, black (with nutmeg and cinnamon). There was a stray drop of simple syrup on the top of the lid which I mistook for dew water, and it felt… very weird. But it was unintentional.

Birthday Friday (3pm): while the rest of my office ate 2 ice creams and brownies I made, I had some blueberries, cherries and strawberries. Still a bunch of sugar.

Dinner (6:45pm): chinese five spice pork ribs and sesame cucumber noodles.

After dinner (7:30pm): while bottling kombucha for its second brew I had a couple of pieces of watermelon and a handful of muscat raisins. About 4oz of fig & fennel kombucha from the last batch. This one did its first brew for twice as long so I’m hoping it will end up half as sweet. I’m also flavoring almost exclusively with juice.

Really feeling all that sugar!!! It’s not my favorite! Yep, fruit = all that sugar now. Interested to know what would have happened if I’d tried some of my brownies. They were, by the way, a hit! I’m always totally shocked by what I make is the most popular at work, and what people tell me they like vs what disappears quickly.


Breakfast (5:30am): garlic creamed spinach and 3 fried eggs. I know the stereotype is that you’re supposed to get sick of eggs every day and start eating steak for breakfast or whatever, but eggs are the shit and I’ll hear no other. Although, this makes me want steak & eggs. Coffee, black.

Morning (10am): Coffee, black. (They offered bagels, cream cheese and coffee in our weekly office meeting. I opted for the coffee.)

Lunch (12pm): chicken, arugula, greens, peach, tomato, bacon, hard boiled egg, spicy mustard vinaigrette salad. The stand by.

Farmer’s Market (5pm): Tried a bit of a nectarine, some concord grapes, 2 compliant salsas, and a metric ton of raisins at the farmer’s market. Ate a lemon cucumber.

Dinner (6:30pm): beef bacon jalapeno burger with awesome sauce and a pickle/onion relish with sweet potato fries (cooked in duck fat). So utterly decadent. A few more concord grapes.

Made these brownies tonight for the office tomorrow which was indeed a bigger challenge than either ice cream. I made it through though. I made it through.

Not much to report. EXCEPT FOR KOMBUCHA CEVICHE IS ALL!!! Bought some beet chips at the farmer’s market to have with it when I get around to making it. Oh sweet kombucha ceviche! Could you possibly be as good as I dream you are? 


Breakfast (5:30am): GUYS THIS WAS GREAT! I WAS SO HAPPY TODAY!!! 3 fried eggs on a shallow bed of sweet potato soup, with a side of kale with better butter, pecans and bacon. Much better than last night’s kale. Omg. So happy. Coffee, black.

Lunch (12pm): chinese five spice pork ribs with cold sesame cucumber noodles, and some watermelon. I gotta cop here that half way through this I started feeling like I could stop. But I didn’t. Cause I loved it so much.

Pre-workout (4:30pm): HB egg

Dinner (6pm): some dark chicken meat and a big old salad of arugula, greens, beets (from a can this time, interesting!), strawberries and chopped pecans with a balsamic vinaigrette. Sipping on the rest of my homemade ginger kombucha.

FEELING BALLER TODAY. My last couple of workouts have been pretty great and I wanna say that today’s food tasted the yummiest. I hate to use the words tiger blood, but it seems like this might be it? I find myself hungry at around 8-9 but then if I resist it it disappears until noon-ish so I think that might be mental. One thing that is part of the Whole30 program I’ve been lax on is concentrating on the meals - I always multitask when eating; read, on the computer, watch tv. It’s not good. And I’m still eating everything on my plate, like my matron told me to at boarding school 20 years ago.

I need to ask someone about how natural sugars fit into the reintroduction days. Mostly because I want to make Maple Walnut Scotch Eggs pretty much ASAP PLEASE.

Watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Such a sucker for this shit.


Breakfast (5:30am): 3 eggs and brussel sprouts pan fried in bacon

Morning (7am): coffee, black. Started feeling not so great here - honestly I’m sure it was dehydration cause it always always is - so I ate the blueberries (about a cup) I had brought as an addendum to…

Lunch (12am): Um so this was a weird one meant to use up some leftover stuff, then I discovered my marinara was moldly so I had to use my roommate’s (compliant) garlic marinara sauce with zucchini noodles and thai curry beef meatballs. Let’s just say nope to this one and move on.

Dinner (5:30pm): dark meat from a rotisserie chicken, probably somewhere close to a thigh, drumstick and both wings, with balsamic kale and cranberries. The kale was pretty bitter, so I might try the preparation with different greens (I know Well Fed calls for collards in a similar recipe). Had a couple of bites of watermelon as I was cutting it to have in the fridge. Watermelon seems to be a “no brakes” food for me so I’m instituting a “never in the house” rule on that one - only in portioned packets eaten while out & about.

Brought the leftover crack cookies from my salted crack caramel ice cream into work today, which were apparently baller and i was very sad not to be able to try them. I’ll be interested when this (and the 12 day re-introduction) is over to see if I’m a moderator or abstainer - it looks for now like the latter, which is kind of a big bummer. But maybe I can change? I’m trying to set a date up at Bread Lounge for July 30th with the bestie - look, if I’m gonna reintro gluten I’m gonna do it in (fully moderated and controlled) style. Like toast? Nah. Seriously having angst about reintroducing dairy - greek yogurt is my favorite but I don’t want to eliminate veg from my breakfasts and having greek yogurt + a veg side seems SO weird! Honestly introducing any food just seems like I’m adding calories, since I don’t want to eat less of what is good for me, you know? It will be a struggle.

Making pork ribs in the slow cooker overnight! Yeahhhhh! 7 full days left, short enough time that I pretty much have all my meals planned out… getting a little sad.


this is the scene of the crime


this is the scene of the crime

(via the-pietriarchy)


Breakfast (5:30am): 3 fried eggs and the rest of the bag of cruciferous crunch fried in bacon fat. Coffee, black.

Lunch (11:30am): orange balsamic duck leg with cauliflower and julienned carrot rice cooked in duck fat, orange juice and a pinch of ginger.

Pre-workout (3:30pm): Epic Beef bar - gotta say I found this CRAZY salty even though the sodium only said 240mg ish, maybe it was the habanero tasting funny? Want to try the other flavors eventually. This is the first bar / processed food snack I’ve had on this Whole 30. :)

Dinner (6pm): sweet potato with an applegate 100% beef hot dog, slice of bacon, kickass ketchup, and a side of ginger beet sauerkraut. 1/4 of my homemade ginger kombucha.

Today I felt slim. First day that this was the case! (That feeling has faded after mainlining dinner haha, but it lasted for a lot of the day!). I looked full beast mode on some of my lifts today even if the weights weren’t huge - which is gonna be the case until I can stop doing 12 reps. But I really got into a groove on my front squats and felt the bounce off my legs at the bottom that I’ve seen them mention in videos; I think I’d been standing too far apart. And god even if I was only doing 12lbs for the Dumbbell Rear Lunge / Shoulder Press combo set, recognize that’s 24 reps (12 each leg) and holy moly did it WRECK me. I did have a mini headache I felt coming on at 2ish and barely stayed awake on my drive from work to the gym, but I came straight out of it.

I have a date to make lamb with my best friend on Saturday who was super… not into this Whole30 thing. Which is strange because he’s very much a meat and veg guy! Well… meat anyway. (I’m also bringing him some of the ice cream I made this weekend, like a jerk who wants to sabotage other’s weight loss. But with my help he’s lost 25lbs this year so!)