Here is a side by side comparison of how The New York Times has profiled Michael Brown — an 18 year old black boy gunned down by police — and how they profiled Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. 

Source for Brown, Source for Bundy.

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Felt fine from the dairy in the morning, so unless it kicks in 24+ hours after eating, it’s not an issue. Back up on the scale, but daily fluctuations and all.

Breakfast (8am): duck / taro root / caramelized onion hash with thyme and 2 tsp ghee with 2 fried eggs. Twas an experiment, for sure, turned out well.

Morning (10am): Coffee, black.

Lunch (12:30pm): 3 spicy tuna cakes, a head of brocolli steamed then pan fried with olive oil, sundried tomatoes and marinated mushrooms.

Afternoon (1-4pm): Made then ate a decent amount of Thai Roasted Cashews (hey did you follow that link I HAVE A FOOD BLOG NOW!!!), drank watermelon lime kombucha, had 2 strawberries and some cherry tomatoes. On the way to softball drank water with 4 watermelon ice cubes and a splash of lime.

Dinner (7pm): 2 chicken cakes with sunshine sauce (made with cashew butter) and cucumber relish.

2nd dinner (8pm): Stomach felt super urpy when I got home so I fried up the remaining chicken livers and had them with awesome sauce, and had 2 frozen figs.


SIde-bar - woke up 4lbs lighter than my official weigh-in four days ago. Not sure what sort of strange wizardry of bloat / water weight led to this, but it’s certainly pleasing, and made me feel on track. Until today. Wah wah wah.

Breakfast (6:30am): A cup of Fage 0% greek yogurt with 2 green figs, Swiss Chard with Raisins, Cashews and Porkitos. Perfect breakfast.

Morning (8-9am): Made this almond and macadamia nut milk and had 8oz of it with some cold brew concentrate (standing in for espresso, which I am not yet able to make). Honestly I kind of prefer it black. My roommate will happily drink the milk though. The “apple pie” kombucha. A high sugar morning, relatively.

Lunch (11:30am): steak salad with 50/50 greens-spinach mix, cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions. blue cheese and a tbsp of Tessamae’s southwest ranch

2nd lunch (1:30pm): hmm didn’t feel super great - sharp pang in the stomach - but (as I do) chalked it up to dehydration and hunger so I had a fried egg over kale fried with a rasher and a half of bacon. Stomach felt better. Issue adequately addressed!

Afternoon (3:30pm): I made these rosemary raisin crackers from the nut pulp from earlier and couldn’t stop munching on them and their dough. Failure. Also had a strawberry. In an attempt to make me drink more water I threw some lime juice and two ice cubes made of watermelon puree into a huge glass.

Dinner (6:30pm): pulled pork with roasted nectarine and melted Beecher’s No Woman cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar, with broccoli steamed then fried with 1 tsp ghee, some garlic powder, red chili flakes and lemon. I also had a bit of Cypress Grove Bermuda triangle on the crackers from earlier, which I gotta figure out how to cook / dehydrate or whatever cause they floppy. CHEESE. I then had about 1/3 of the bottle of unsweetened bahkti chai that I got at whole foods earlier in a cute mini mason jar on ice. Almost like a night cocktail. :)

I was in Whole Foods today and just got so excited about food and recipes and things that exist, and I thought of all the people who look at these diets and think “There’s so much you can’t eat!” and I just want to respond that I eat SO much more diverse and great food now than I ever did when I ate everything, and every meal is so new and surprising and exciting.

Dairy seems not bad so far, though I’ll definitely do it as another reintroduction day (especially as I don’t super care about reintroducing non-gluten grains or legumes and I plan to eat mostly whole30 for a little while anyway) as this one was tainted by stay at home snacking. :( I’m the worst!

eta that I went to Sprouts and bought and ate about 8 dark chocolate espresso beans from the bulk section. :\


Pre-workout (6:30am): Aforementioned peach beef jerky (with added sugar! shock horror!), about 1.5oz. Coffee, black. Maybe about 7 spiced cashews.

Breakfast (10am): 3 fried eggs, roasted asparagus wrapped in about an oz of pancetta. Homemade lemon ginger kombucha. I put a date in my mouth and then decided I knew better and put it down.

Lunch (2:15pm): a little over 4oz steak (that I got from the farmer’s market!) with an espresso balsamic glaze (I could straight up drink that vinegar, and i’m trying to find ways to), half a head of cauliflower roasted with 1tbsp better butter.

Afternoon (4pm): Coffee, black.

Dinner (7pm): Scheherazade Omelet, 1/4 recipe.

Once again, my desire to cook far outpaces my ability to eat, and after the pulled pork overnight tonight I can’t really excuse cooking much until Tuesday. ULTIMATE SAD. 

Although it doesn’t appear like it today, I’m going to move away a bit from the rigidity of the 3 meals a day Whole30 plan into a world where I’m allowed to snack when hungry, at least until my meal size evens out. Problem is keeping around high protein low sugar snacks - nuts and fruit don’t really cut it. I do have to say though that today’s consumption is REALLY impressive considering I was at home all day, normally the ultimate in little snacks. Ok, I had a cherry tomato a minute ago. Who can begrudge that?

Dairy reintro tomorrow - just greek yogurt and cheese. Cheese is my #1 favorite thing in the world, and I’m happy with it in moderation (since I don’t plan on having mac & cheese or pizza or grilled cheese anytime soon, cheese overconsumption becomes a little more difficult! - maybe a fondue on special occasions.) Cross fingers.


Breakfast (5:30am): 3 eggs, half a bunch of kale with pecans, a rasher of bacon and 1 tsp of bacon fat. The watermelon homemade kombucha. Note: I used coconut oil spray for the eggs, which I had been avoiding on Whole30 because of its use of soy lecithin as a stabilizer.

Morning (8-10am): Coffee, black x2. Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea.

Lunch (11:45am): 1 roasted Duck leg, Casablanca Carrots.

Dinner (5:30pm): half a basket of cherry tomatoes, 4oz of the chicken livers, crowns from 1 head of broccoli steamed then tossed with 1 tsp of Better Butter, vadouvan curry powder and a handful of Princess raisins, the best raisins of all.

Night (7-9pm): A very small amount of mixed nuts at my parents’ house, a hard boiled egg with Omnivore salt, 5-10 cornichons. (All from legit hunger. Except maybe the nuts.)

I was hungry for a lot of today, and I remember the article I read about people who counted calories feeling less full or more full depending on the number on the screen. I have decided I don’t like that. Tracking is not for me. Here’s my new strategy for the next 2 weeks:

  • Measure my fat.
  • Know how fatty a cut of protein is, and size it and pair vegetable dishes with it accordingly.
  • Do not eat when I am not hungry.
  • Have the lower end of the recommended portions (if it says serves 2-4, split it into 4)
  • Eat slowly and only until I am full.
  • No fruit course “just because”. Fruit must be part of the savory dish.

Tomorrow morning I plan to have as my pre-workout some peach beef jerky I got that has no soy, but does have brown sugar. I’m still going to limit added sugars of all sorts, which I think is a better strategy than limiting the types of sugar. That jerky looked so good though!


Breakfast (5:15am): 2 fried eggs, creamy garlic spinach but with waaaaaay less mayo than before :)

Morning (8am): Coffee, black.

Morning, part 2 (10:30am): I knew I wouldn’t be able to have lunch until later because of an 11-1pm meeting, so I had some baby carrots.

Lunch (1pm): Scheherazade omelet. Excited to make variations of this with a meat other than lamb because the lamb is so so so so fatty!

Dinner (4:30pm): GLUTEN! Bread Lounge - “Plenty of Fish” Preserved lemon and dill aïoli (I asked, it’s made in store with olive and canola oils), Albacore tuna, North African harissa, sliced tomato and arugula on a baguette, came with a green salad and pickles on the side. I got about half way into this sandwich and decided I could stop, but I ate the rest, because bread has always been my “I’m ok with it being an very rare treat but there’s no way I’m saying goodbye” food, so this re-introduction is more of a formality than anything.

Night (7pm): Drank some watermelon juice since I blended and froze it for future kombucha brewing so I wouldn’t have to eat it in the next soon. A couple of concord grapes.

Felt a little burpy (very clean burps) and bloated after dinner, but I’m chalking that up to eating more than I should rather than the gluten, though obviously it’s not been long and final verdict will come tomorrow.

I feel confident about my upcoming food choices. Saturday will try dairy, some time next week some alcohol. Not entirely interested in re-introducing the rest - the only thing I miss is peanut butter and that’s not a food that’s safe for me to have in the house. For the most part I’ll still avoid added sugar, though as I previously mentioned those Maple Walnut Scotch Eggs are getting hella made, and I’ve recently bought some tomato vanilla jam and fig and fennel jam, both made with sugar and to be used sparingly.

One thing I’ve learned in the Whole30 is that I love food and the process of eating it. THERE is where I need the control, not necessarily in the choices I’m making. Now I’m torn: is is better for me psychologically to make the same portions and force myself not to eat it all? Or to make smaller portions and continue eating everything on my plate? 


No weight lost, no change in body fat %. Crazy! But not that crazy, I can think of all these reasons:

  • Eating too much meat compared to vegetables.
  • Using too much cooking fat.
  • Not accounting for fatty meats when using the thumb rule.
  • Eating when I am full because it is “eating time”.
  • Eating everything on my plate.
  • Starting off with too big portions.
  • Eating too much fruit.
  • Less exercise (walking) in general since moving to CA.
  • Not drinking enough water.

I’m going to start weighing, measuring, and myfitnesspal-ing during the re-introduction and see the damage of some of these foods. I’m not worried. I still feel good.


Day thirty.

Breakfast (5:15am): Well Fed 2’s Scheherazade Omelet. My homemade strawberry basil kombucha, which was baller - this second batch isn’t super fizzy, but tastes so so much better.

Morning (8am): Coffee, black.

Lunch (11:45am): Salad with chicken, bacon, avocado, peach, hard boiled egg, with spicy mustard vinaigrette. 2ish cups of watermelon ish.

Afternoon (1pm): Coffee, black.

Pre-workout (4pm): Epic Turkey Bar. (better than the Bison, but unsold)

Dinner (6:30pm): Crispy Chicken Livers & Sweet and Salty Broccoli Salad. Not totally sold on the livers but I figured for my last Whole30 meal I should have some offal! At least once on the program! They’re a little… smooth. That make sense? A “dessert” of unsweetened apple sauce with apple pie spice and pecans.

Wow, ok. So it’s the last day, technically. My boss mentioned something about the diet being over today, and I had to clarify that it’s still restrictive of legumes / sugar / grains / gluten / dairy until the reintroduction period ends - a coworker overheard and asked if I was going to be real grumpy in the next week. He was shocked to hear I’d already been eating like this for 30 days!

Workout rekt me, but 40lbs one-arm dumbbell snatch was a GREAT milestone to have reached!

Some pre-weigh in thoughts:

  • I’ve been amazed at how not a problem this all is, even indulgent (if I do this again strictly to lose weight I’m thinking maybe I should kick the mayo and duck and the huge amount of sweet potato I had in the first 3 weeks).
  • On days that I felt i overate grossly it didn’t even slightly compare to how I felt on days in the past - either in guilt or physically. Whether or not that is justified on the guilt front is to be determined.
  • This has gotten me excited about cooking in a way I wasn’t really (and was about baking) before starting the program. I’ve made duck and homemade mayo for the first time (even if per the first point maybe I shouldn’t have). I made pork ribs, and cooked with chinese five spice, my new favorite spice. I mixed my own spice mixes. I’ve rendered and re-used fat from my duck and bacon. And in these 30 days I haven’t even tried so many of the things I’m most excited about! The possibilities are endless.
  • Meal planning! I’m proud of my newfound ability to empty my fridge.
  • So many recipes from long forgotten cookbooks are, or can be made, paleo-friendly. Can’t wait.
  • The structure is good for me. Having a tangible reason to say “No” in that it breaks rules, works better than trying to imagine the overall concept of my health, which just one cupcake won’t truly affect. The restrictions also make decisions easier.
  • Losing that structure might prove problematic for me. Will I be able to loosen up? Should I? Will that lead to my old eating habits?
  • 3 larger meals a day with minimal snacking had worked well. Eating when I’m hungry? Still figuring that out. I know how to eat enough that I won’t be hungry before my next meal. I don’t know how to eat little enough that I will be hungry before my next meal.
  • I drink black coffee now!
  • Water water water. I need to be better at water.

Tomorrow: gluten. We’re going big!