Breakfast (5:30am): GUYS THIS WAS GREAT! I WAS SO HAPPY TODAY!!! 3 fried eggs on a shallow bed of sweet potato soup, with a side of kale with better butter, pecans and bacon. Much better than last night’s kale. Omg. So happy. Coffee, black.

Lunch (12pm): chinese five spice pork ribs with cold sesame cucumber noodles, and some watermelon. I gotta cop here that half way through this I started feeling like I could stop. But I didn’t. Cause I loved it so much.

Pre-workout (4:30pm): HB egg

Dinner (6pm): some dark chicken meat and a big old salad of arugula, greens, beets (from a can this time, interesting!), strawberries and chopped pecans with a balsamic vinaigrette. Sipping on the rest of my homemade ginger kombucha.

FEELING BALLER TODAY. My last couple of workouts have been pretty great and I wanna say that today’s food tasted the yummiest. I hate to use the words tiger blood, but it seems like this might be it? I find myself hungry at around 8-9 but then if I resist it it disappears until noon-ish so I think that might be mental. One thing that is part of the Whole30 program I’ve been lax on is concentrating on the meals - I always multitask when eating; read, on the computer, watch tv. It’s not good. And I’m still eating everything on my plate, like my matron told me to at boarding school 20 years ago.

I need to ask someone about how natural sugars fit into the reintroduction days. Mostly because I want to make Maple Walnut Scotch Eggs pretty much ASAP PLEASE.

Watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Such a sucker for this shit.


Breakfast (5:30am): 3 eggs and brussel sprouts pan fried in bacon

Morning (7am): coffee, black. Started feeling not so great here - honestly I’m sure it was dehydration cause it always always is - so I ate the blueberries (about a cup) I had brought as an addendum to…

Lunch (12am): Um so this was a weird one meant to use up some leftover stuff, then I discovered my marinara was moldly so I had to use my roommate’s (compliant) garlic marinara sauce with zucchini noodles and thai curry beef meatballs. Let’s just say nope to this one and move on.

Dinner (5:30pm): dark meat from a rotisserie chicken, probably somewhere close to a thigh, drumstick and both wings, with balsamic kale and cranberries. The kale was pretty bitter, so I might try the preparation with different greens (I know Well Fed calls for collards in a similar recipe). Had a couple of bites of watermelon as I was cutting it to have in the fridge. Watermelon seems to be a “no brakes” food for me so I’m instituting a “never in the house” rule on that one - only in portioned packets eaten while out & about.

Brought the leftover crack cookies from my salted crack caramel ice cream into work today, which were apparently baller and i was very sad not to be able to try them. I’ll be interested when this (and the 12 day re-introduction) is over to see if I’m a moderator or abstainer - it looks for now like the latter, which is kind of a big bummer. But maybe I can change? I’m trying to set a date up at Bread Lounge for July 30th with the bestie - look, if I’m gonna reintro gluten I’m gonna do it in (fully moderated and controlled) style. Like toast? Nah. Seriously having angst about reintroducing dairy - greek yogurt is my favorite but I don’t want to eliminate veg from my breakfasts and having greek yogurt + a veg side seems SO weird! Honestly introducing any food just seems like I’m adding calories, since I don’t want to eat less of what is good for me, you know? It will be a struggle.

Making pork ribs in the slow cooker overnight! Yeahhhhh! 7 full days left, short enough time that I pretty much have all my meals planned out… getting a little sad.


this is the scene of the crime


this is the scene of the crime

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Breakfast (5:30am): 3 fried eggs and the rest of the bag of cruciferous crunch fried in bacon fat. Coffee, black.

Lunch (11:30am): orange balsamic duck leg with cauliflower and julienned carrot rice cooked in duck fat, orange juice and a pinch of ginger.

Pre-workout (3:30pm): Epic Beef bar - gotta say I found this CRAZY salty even though the sodium only said 240mg ish, maybe it was the habanero tasting funny? Want to try the other flavors eventually. This is the first bar / processed food snack I’ve had on this Whole 30. :)

Dinner (6pm): sweet potato with an applegate 100% beef hot dog, slice of bacon, kickass ketchup, and a side of ginger beet sauerkraut. 1/4 of my homemade ginger kombucha.

Today I felt slim. First day that this was the case! (That feeling has faded after mainlining dinner haha, but it lasted for a lot of the day!). I looked full beast mode on some of my lifts today even if the weights weren’t huge - which is gonna be the case until I can stop doing 12 reps. But I really got into a groove on my front squats and felt the bounce off my legs at the bottom that I’ve seen them mention in videos; I think I’d been standing too far apart. And god even if I was only doing 12lbs for the Dumbbell Rear Lunge / Shoulder Press combo set, recognize that’s 24 reps (12 each leg) and holy moly did it WRECK me. I did have a mini headache I felt coming on at 2ish and barely stayed awake on my drive from work to the gym, but I came straight out of it.

I have a date to make lamb with my best friend on Saturday who was super… not into this Whole30 thing. Which is strange because he’s very much a meat and veg guy! Well… meat anyway. (I’m also bringing him some of the ice cream I made this weekend, like a jerk who wants to sabotage other’s weight loss. But with my help he’s lost 25lbs this year so!)


i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs


Breakfast (6:30am): cruciferous crunch salad with 2 soft boiled eggs, 2 slices bacon, cherry tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, and “awesome sauce”

Lunch (11am): thai curry meatballs with coconut curry sauce and cauliflower rice, with a couple of handfuls of blueberries.

Bad snack (12pm): 4 dried figs, a pink lady apple kombucha, and more blueberries. I was hungry, but a snack of all sugar what a bad choice and I feel bad.

Afternoon (2:30pm): Black coffee in a movie. If I wanted to #treatmyself they did have cashews and almonds that were probably compliant, but I didn’t need them, and why bother?

Dinner (4:45pm): salad with greens, arugula, shrimp, HB egg, bacon, peach, cherry tomatoes and spicy mustard vinaigrette. Spiced cashews.

I did bad at drinking water today and it messed me up all over. My softball game was a wash - we did terribly and I didn’t get much exercise, which is ok because I couldn’t excuse myself eating that beef / habanero / cherry bar I’d been meaning to try but honestly shouldn’t have and didn’t have today. The kombucha caused lots of burping. One thing I haven’t kept track of for OBVIOUS REASONS in this blog is excrement, but I wanna say that it’s a little all over the place?

Two salads today! Trying my best to use up everything I’m buying, so there might be some slightly odd mixes the next 2 days, until a planned Tuesday shopping trip.


Pre-workout (5:30am): tuna salad

Breakfast (7:30am): 2 fried eggs and a larger portion of the sweet potato hash than normal, as I wanted it gone! No more hash!

Morning: coffee from Starbucks, black. (The drive in took forever so I parked to go to the walk up window and MY DOGS ESCAPED FROM THE BACK OF THE CAR AND RAN IN FRONT OF THE CARS IN LINE! I almost had a heart attack, then died of embarrassment once they were safe.) Half of a homemade peach kombucha.

Lunch (12pm): twice fried plantains, ground beef, and pineapple guacamole, as some sort of fake nacho plate. I made a LOT and then mainlined the remaining pineapple and some blueberries. Probably ate too much.

Afternoon: rest of the peach kombucha.

Dinner (7pm): orange balsamic duck leg with orange & better butter braised carrots. DUCK!!! My first time making it. Pretty good!!!

Big self esteem crisis today, despite buying an adorable dress with french bulldogs on it from the kid’s section of Target which got many a compliment. I just don’t see a difference in my body, specifically my stomach area. Which is not to say I haven’t gotten anything out of this nor that I don’t plan to continue it when the 30 days is up if I don’t see any budging of my BF%  (I do, plus maybe some cheese and alcohol, and anything goes when eating out which I do rarely), but it’s a little frustrating. Still, I’m very happy psychologically that I’m now worried about getting a big enough variety of vegetables into my day, whereas I previously worried about eating any veg in a day (and more often than not, I didn’t).

Attempting those swiss ball rollouts today confirmed for me that my stomach soreness IS just from me using new muscles in my abs cause I could barely do 3 without nope-ing the f out from pain. I need to work on my pushups - they’ve been a problem for me for a while, psychologically as well as physically as they’ve been the cause of some massive headaches that require me to end my workout.

Willpower test #2 - made salted crack caramel ice cream. I did it! Not even the tiniest bit ventured into my mouth!

I have my meals planned again through Friday (and shopping lists). Gotta make that last 6 days testing eggs then nightshades. PLANNING! Not looking forward to 3 days without eggs. <3 you eggs.


Breakfast (5:30am): sweet potato / caramelized onion / sausage hash with 3 fried eggs. Coffee, black.

Lunch (12:00pm): arugula and greens with tuna salad (doubling as a dressing), cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled egg. Gr8 salad. Can’t eat too much tuna though. Sad face.

Afternoon 1 (2pm): Coffee, black.

Afternoon 2 (4:30pm): Caved and ate the navel orange I had brought on the way home in the car. In my defense, I was originally planning to eat it as part of lunch!

Dinner (5:30pm): ground beef and jicama home fries with well fed 2’s awesome sauce - which straight up lives up to its name. I licked the bowl I made it in. I want to bathe in it.

I literally still can’t tell if my stomach hurts because it’s bloated or my abs are just sore from Tuesday - I know that sounds full out insane. The pain isn’t coming from inside and definitely feels more muscle centric, but I definitely don’t feel like my stomach is flat. Seriously, my body dysmorphia is totally screwing with my perception of success. We’ll see we’ll see.

If willpower is indeed a limited resource I’m really draining my supply this weekend, making goodies for my office’s Birthday Friday next week. On the menu is Ample Hill’s “Breakfast Trash” Ice Cream (made tonight with no slip-ups), Ample Hill’s “Salted Crack Caramel” Ice Cream (planned for tomorrow) and brownies (planned for Thursday - not having any batter will prove the ultimate challenge!). 


Breakfast (5:30am): 3 fried eggs with bacon fat pan fried brussel sprouts. Ginger lept up and pulled the first three eggs I made yolk first onto the floor, like a true monster. RIP eggs, no one got to enjoy you, you were killed in vain. 

Lunch (11:45am): bbq pork fried cauliflower rice (with broccoli and caggage and red onion)

Pre-workout (4pm): tuna salad, about a cup, maybe 3/4

Dinner (6:30pm): applegate 100% beef hot dog, slice of bacon, sweet potato hash, kickass ketchup, beet and ginger sauerkraut. Had the hash here because a) there’s so much and I need to use it and b) a full sweet potato seemed overwhelming.

Hunger pangs stabilized today, although I’ve realized that lifting doesn’t really make me want to eat immediately after - probably at least partially because of the pre-workout food. So no weird fullness today, but I was super gassy! Maybe the brussel sprouts?? Didn’t bother me much.

And my whole ab area was SO SORE today from the swiss ball roll outs. So sore that I thought maybe I’d broken something or got a freak case of rhabdo? But nah, just plain soreness I guess. Workout was… ok. One of those days where everything I needed just wasn’t available when I needed it. But some new exercises were fun and I felt oddly challenged by things I didn’t quite expect.

So white potatoes are whole30 compliant now! I’ve realized that I don’t particularly care about or for them, and if anything reading through all the reasoning and discussion on the topic made me think I should maybe actually be eating less sweet potato. Or at least make a conscious effort to eat more dark colors of veg, greens and such. But yeah, white potato? Good riddance a bit. At least until I can learn to roast ‘em proper like they do on sundays in England.